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The Circle of Life Coaching  is a “best practice” Holistic Life Coaching System.  People are empowered to make positive changes in every aspect of their lives by using the highly effective SIX PHASE approach.

Phase 1 - Access Your Life / Discover Your Strengths

Phase 2 - Assess Your Readiness for Change

Phase 3 - Blueprint For Success: Best Life Vision and Goals

Phase 4 - Plan Actions Steps, Integrate Self-Care Practices and Set-up Accountability

Phase 5 - Take Action and Access Resources

Phase 6 - Accountability Review, Re-Evaluation and Course Correction

Why is it called the Circle Of Life process?

The Circle is an ancient power tool with extraordinary relevance today.

  • First, the circle represents the full circle of our lives; that is, our whole life and the full spectrum of our being.

  • Second, the circle is representative of the Circle of Life process itself, the actual self-improvement method where recurrent attention is given, cycle after cycle, to continuous personal improvement.


  • Third, the circle is the actual circular image, divided into 12 aspects of life. Through the self-inquiry process, all of the aspects within the circle of our lives are explored and accessed.

  • Fourth, since the earliest history of human culture, the great discussions, strategies, and rituals were carried out in a circle. In both the practical and the sacred, the circle has been a primary vehicle for human interaction. Used in a group setting, the circle is the gathering of participants, the group or team that collaborates to support each other in desired improvements.  In this context the circle is the offspring of the ancient council circle or the meeting of the clan.

  • Fifth, the circle is representative of natures recurring cycles, the days, seasons and years of our lives. It is obvious from nature that the cycles of the sun, the moon, growth, and maturity are constantly impacting to evolve and refine each of us into the unique being that we have the potential to become.


  • Finally, the circle is a power symbol in all original cultures representing connection with the entire natural world, the universe, the medicine wheel, the Chinese Yin/Yang symbol.


A Internationally recognized Coaching System with implementation in:

  • Corporations and Businesses

  • Stress Management Programs

  • EAPs

  • Wellness and health promotion programs

  • Military

  • Community and Social service agencies

  • Schools and Universities

  • Professional Associations and Conferences

  • Medical Practice Groups

  • Health Risk and Disease Management Support Groups

  • Holistic and Complementary Medicine Programs

  • Hospitals and Cancer Centers

  • Places Of Worship and Religious Institutions

  • Senior programs

  • Fitness Centers

  • Spas and Retreat Centers


At Renowned Corporations, Agencies, Institutions and  Universities

Association of Radiologists
AWARE - Alliance for Wholistic Arts, Resources and Education, AZ
Breast Cancer Resource Center, Santa Barbara, CA
California Association of Educational Professionals

California Department of Corrections
California Nurse Midwives Association
Cottage Hospital Nursing Administration
County Bank

Dreamtime Wellness Cruise, Mexico

Flagstaff Medical Center, Arizona
Goleta Valley Community Hospital Administration
Lutheran Chaplaincy, Ohio
Marshall Hospital, Sacramanto
Oregon State Medical Social Workers
Orthopedic Specialists, Nursing Staff
Rehabilitation Institute at Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara City School Administration

Santa Barbara County Public Works

Santa Barbara County Resource Management
Santa Barbara Elementary Schools
Santa Barbara School Health Educators
St. Charles Medical Center, Oregon
St. Francis Hospital Parish Nursing Staff
St. Francis Integrative Medicine Program
Support Works, North Carolina
Unity Churches, Grace Lutheran Church
Valle Verde Administrative Staff

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