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  • No Need to Re-Invent the Wheel!  We have invented it and refined it over 30 years! You can rest assured we train coaches in a very effective, easy to learn, highly respected and completely comprehensive, Holistic Life and Wellness Coaching System.

  • This key is the Circle of Life Coaching System -- a highly refined, step-by-step, holistic lifestyle design process that’s easy to learn and use. It’s easily adapted for any age or population -- education, health care, social service, corporate, fitness, military and in a wide range of private practices and services.

  • The ONLY Coach Training that includes medically researched 1 - 5 minute Mind-Body MAX™ Self Care practices that are proven to REDUCE stress, and INCREASE energy, productivity, health and Well-Being.

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  • Included: The ONLY Comprehensive Client Coaching Guidebook in Life and Wellness Coaching today!  The Circle of Life provides your coaching clients with a comprehensive “HOW TO  Continuously Improve Your Life”  Process.  The Guidebook is supportive resource for BOTH your clients and for you as the Coach! 

  • Adding the Circle of Life Coaching creates the perfect "added value," complement and delivery to ANY your current programs and services.



  • First, You’ll have first-hand experience of be coached through Circle Of Life process to start creating YOUR own Life Transformation!

  • And, You’ll learn proven Mind/body Self Care practices that will center you, maximize your energy, and create clarity and inner alignment  


  • Next, you’ll learn how to effectively use the Circle of Life Coaching process with your clients; through role-play, one-on-one and group coaching practice sessions with fellow participants and senior trainers


  • You’ll be trained in highly effective Coaching Skills and Techniques that you can apply to coaching your clients in ANY of the 12 Areas of Life. 

  • * PLUS - You’ll know how to empower your clients with life- transforming Mind/Body Self-Care Practices

  • BONUS! Learn and gain access to marketing tools to create a flourishing coaching practice


  • Platform: Online Course Portal with Zoom Video Conference Platform

  • Program Details & RegistrationClick Here For Details

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